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Adjudicator Program for Mastery

Check out Acro-Judge Certification with Our friends @ Acrobatic Arts

This is a great repertoire building program for judges looking to broaden their knowledge with correct descriptions and critiques for Acrobatics.  Use coupon code "Inspire" to receive 20% off AcroJudge certification

Certify in Acro Judging

Get Listed & Published

Join the referral directory published out to multiple competition Directors as one of our pre-vetted candidates 

Produce your judge Audition reel

Nothing speaks to how you sound on tape or video - as you speaking!  A professional sample of your work to show employers how exceptional an adjudicator you truly are!  

Join us at the Expo & receive a 50% discount on certification

August 3-5, 2022

Pearson Convention Center
2638 Steeles Avenue East
Brampton, ON
L6T 4L7

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Employ Strategic language

Our system creates mentor language and inspires performers to grow.  Learn the strategies of positive scripting.


Understand how to create a winning synergy for your performers, their studios, the parents and the competitions.

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The world of competitive judging dance has changed, so has the customers expectations. Create the next amazing dance event as a master of the craft.

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