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Multiple systems to address a changing role with predictive systems and master level strategies

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"Certified Dance Adjudicators by Constant and Never Ending Improvement is a valuable resource that I would highly recommend for dance adjudicators of all levels and experiences. This program is a great reminder of the how to prepare for and execute a successful weekend as an adjudicator. It cover many useful topics including marking, personal growth and customer expectations while fostering a healthy sense of accomplishment for the adjudicator. This program will set Adjudicator’s up to create the kind of quality and value that event directors and customers expect while inspiring the upcoming youth in the dance world. I encourage all Adjudicator’s to take the time and invest in their personal development before hitting the stage this competition season! "

Kelly Summers
The Dance Class, Co-Director NBS- TTP (Dip), A.I.S.T.D. (CSB) , R.T.S.-R.A.D., A.R.A.D. , P.A.A., C.D.A.

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